Almudena Tapia "Dar es Salaam II"

Size: 165 ×200 cm
Year: 2022
Material: Canvas, mixed media

On the canvases of Almudena Tapia, we see the image of a chalice, which prompts reflection on the cyclical nature of life and death. This chalice is a symbol of accepting the inevitable and a repository for memories. It reminds us that death is not an end but rather a threshold, a transition, part of the eternal cycle of existence.

When we lose loved ones, our grief and tears reflect the depth of our feelings, our love, and attachment, not those who have departed. Our sorrow, our pain is part of our own ego, our attachment to the physical world.

By accepting death as an integral part of life, we find peace and allow ourselves to continue moving forward. This does not mean that we should erase from memory those we have lost; instead, we should give them a place in our hearts, in our souls. It is not a goodbye but a new form of coexistence, where memory and love continue to live.
"Death is a cycle," these works tell us, urging us to accept the naturalness of this process and to find consolation in the endless.