Angel Orcajo "The permanent threat"

Size: 220 x 115 cm
Year: 2013
Style: Acrylic and various materials on wood

Ángel Orcajo's painting "The Persistent Threat" unfolds a panorama of instability and dissonance. From the first glance, a sense of anxiety engulfs the viewer, reflecting not only a personal turmoil but also the image of the contemporary world. The color palette transitions from blood-red and black to grim blue, creating an impression of boiling and churning. The somber forms, resembling both figures and abstract objects, are filled with movement and chaos, symbolizing an ongoing struggle for power, clashing interests, and the absence of compromise.

This canvas mirrors a society where art, beauty, and love play secondary roles. Orcajo boldly calls for a deeper contemplation of life. He urges everyone to recognize the value of genuine human emotions—love, compassion, empathy. Openness to the world, feeling—even through pain—enables empathy, making life meaningful and reducing evil and hatred around us.

Orcajo’s work elicits a strong emotional response, raising questions about the role of individuals in a society dominated by tension and conflict, and helping to understand that each of us can bring harmony and understanding into this world.