Angel Orcajo "The wanderer by friedrich in front of the se of fog and chaos, homage il a Marcel Proust"

Size: 180 x 190 cm
Year: 2010
Style: Acrylic and various materials on wood

In Ángel Orcajo's painting, "The Traveler Friedrich before the Sea of Fog and Chaos, a Tribute to Marcel Proust, 2010," a complex philosophy of the interconnection between man and nature is embodied. Orcajo revisits a theme familiar from the works of Caspar David Friedrich, a 19th-century German Romantic artist known for portraying human figures in harmony with nature, often from behind or afar, inviting viewers to merge with the environment.

Orcajo transforms this motif by placing Friedrich's traveler amidst the chaos of modern life, where natural harmony contrasts with personal turmoil. The canvas seethes with dynamism and expression, creating a stark contrast to Friedrich's tranquil scenes.
Orcajo also weaves in the influence of Marcel Proust, who masterfully captured and conveyed the diversity of nature in his writings.

Orcajo creates a complex interplay of times and influences, where each era and mood—whether tranquil or anxious—finds a response in modern artistic expression, compelling the viewer to feel, not just view, the depth of the artwork.