Angel Orcajo «The eyes Shut»

Size: 181 х 244 cm
Year: 1999
Style: Acrylics with mixed material and photo-copy of the tower of Babel, on the wood

At the heart of each painting by Angel Orcajo lies a deep philosophical intent. In the painting "With Closed Eyes," the artist addresses one of the most powerful metaphors in human history—the Tower of Babel, as a symbol of human pride and egocentrism.

According to the biblical story, the Tower of Babel was built with the intention of reaching the heavens, reflecting humanity's boundless aspirations towards pride. Their attempt to rival God ended in failure: the tower remained unfinished, and the people were scattered across the world, losing the ability to understand each other due to the diversity of languages. Orcajo often depicts this event in his art, serving as a warning and reminder that when the human spirit is focused solely on itself, it is doomed to defeat.

The central figure of a woman in the painting symbolizes blindness—not just physical, but spiritual as well. The artist touches on the theme of the limitations of our perception, reminding us that our ego often assesses the world around us. We imprint all events with our own experiences, which often hinder our ability to learn, develop, and see the beauty of this world.

The painting prompts us to consider that sometimes we need to close our eyes to turn our gaze inward, leaving behind the physical world and its distracting circumstances. It is in this inward gaze that we gain the ability to see the essence of our being and the truth.