Angel Orcajo "Great Landscape and reclined sculpture of Henry Moore"

Size: 244 x 250 cm
Year: 1997/98
Style: Acrylic on wood

In his painting, Ángel Orcajo expresses his admiration for Henry Moore, a distinguished British sculptor. Inspired by Michelangelo at the age of eleven, Moore decided to become a renowned sculptor. After surviving the horrors of World War I and being gassed in the Battle of Cambrai, Moore dedicated his post-war years to creating sculptures that reflect themes of family and motherhood. This influence renders his works monumental yet delicately soft in form.

In Orcajo's painting, the central figure dominates the composition with vivid detail and dynamism while maintaining Moore's characteristic fluidity of lines.

Orcajo, masterfully utilizing colors and textures, adds volume and drama to the sculpture, creating against a backdrop a vivid and tumultuous sky that seems to vibrate with echoes of Moore's past. In contrast, the smooth contours of the figure emphasize a perpetual striving for harmony and protection—themes that became central in Moore's post-war works.

Thus, Orcajo not only pays tribute to the great sculptor but also shows how monumentality and fluidity can coexist in a single space, narrating the story of humanity through the prism of art.