Angel Orcajo "The wind of the Soul"

Size: 420 x 183 cm
Year: 2000
Style: Acrylic on wood

In this piece, the soul is depicted through the figure of a serene and contemplative woman. Our heroine moves from the past, symbolized by the horizon, into the present, where we, as observers, become witnesses to her journey.

Orcajo delves into how the inexorable flow of time and external societal changes impact the individual, leaving marks that can both color and distort one's identity, transforming or destroying it. While the physical form is subject to time and society, the essence, deep beliefs, and values should remain unaltered.

The artist presents us with two possible outcomes: one is a struggle to preserve one's own identity and integrity; the other is a path into the future, weighted down by past experiences. This dilemma reflects the search for balance between the external and the internal, the volatility of the world, and the constancy of the spirit.

Ultimately, we see our heroine achieve freedom from external influences, as if falling into the untouched waterfall of life. Orcajo instills confidence and hope: despite all obstacles, each of us can navigate through trials and maintain our unique selves, leaving behind a pure legacy.