Angel Orcajo «How can we recover this time that is destroyed? A conversation with Marcel Proust»

Size: 200 x 500 cm
Year: 2010
Style: Acrylic and various materials on wood

On Angel Orcajo's canvas, the artist skillfully immortalizes a dialogue across time and space between the writer Marcel Proust and the filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky. Orcajo, drawing inspiration from the grandeur of these figures he deeply revered, creates a painting imbued with emotional vigor and intellectual energy.

Proust's hypertrophied sensitivity, evident from his early years in his passionate pursuit of love and tenderness, is reflected in his words: "Those who do not feel kindness do not know tenderness or love." Tarkovsky, admiring Proust's genius, spoke of the writer in terms that amplify the human heart, which is always larger than one imagines or can conceive, and remained enchanted by prose that tells so much about the soul.

This dialogue, frozen in time on Orcajo's canvas, allows us to feel the power and strength of great minds that have left an indelible mark on the history of art and culture.