Borja Barrajon "Instructions"

Size: 60 х 20 х 22 см
Year: 2022
Material: White marble

The sculpture series by Borja Barrajón is a unique blend of classical shapes and modern interpretations. Each piece is a meditation on balance and harmony within space, crafted from noble marble and alabaster. The purity of the sculpture's lines creates a special rhythm that invites inward contemplation and a search for beauty in simplicity.

In each of Barrajón's works, whether made from Macael or Calatorao marble, a masterful control of light and shadow is evident. The artist skillfully shapes the material to reflect its inner light, making each curve and edge come alive with motion. His sculptures seem to emerge from their base, creating an effect of movement and transformation, prompting the observer to feel the connection between emptiness and form, between eternity and the transient.

Barrajón's artworks hold not only aesthetic value but also a philosophical depth, reflecting the sculptor's unique artistic journey and his continuous dialogue with the medium.