David Saborido Work No. 15 — Encounters with Light

Size: 65 х 127 cm
Year: 2023
Style: Pigment transparencies on board

In David Saborido’s paintings, we witness a hypnotic interplay of light and shadow, reflecting the artist's endless quest. Bold, rich colors merge with piercing strokes of light, creating an ambiance of mystique and internal enlightenment. These works are not merely an exploration of light effects; they delve into the depths of the human subconscious, where light symbolizes clarity, and shadow embodies the enigma of existence.

Saborido employs a unique pigment application technique, turning each brushstroke into a distinct act of creation. The sounds of working on the canvas – the hammer strikes along the board's edges – become an integral part of the process, giving each piece its own rhythm and dynamism. The reflections and refractions of light on the surfaces of the paintings represent the artist’s study of the physical and metaphysical aspects of light as an essential component of the visual experience.

Experience the magical interplay of light and shadow in each of David Saborido's works. These paintings are poised to capture not just your gaze but also to elicit a profound emotional response within the soul.