Elena Orekhova "Sculpture Tree"

Size: 30 cm
Year: 2020

Elena Orekhova's sculpture "Sculpture Tree" is a visual embodiment of the profound significance of our roots. Each of us grows from our own unique source; our roots are the foundation of our individuality, history, and strength. Like a Sculpture Tree reaching towards the light, our lives begin with roots that cannot be taken away or destroyed if we cherish and understand them.

The sculpture reminds us that knowing our nature and lineage provides us with stability and the ability to grow, develop, and thrive, regardless of changes in life and location changes. This understanding of our genetic codes, our family history, and cultural heritage is the unchanging force that allows us to remain whole and confident in ourselves.

"Sculpture Tree" tells us: do not fear changes, do not fear moving and new horizons. For when you have strong roots, you will always know where to attach, and your "crown"—your life and achievements—will be strong and stable. There is no need to choose where to go when you have a clear understanding of where you came from and what makes up your essence.