Elena Orekhova "Double Desk"

Size: 50 cm
Year: 2020

"Double Desk", a sculpture that showcases the duality and complexity of the human soul. Each of us embodies both masculine and feminine elements, harmoniously merging into a unified whole and echoing the ancient symbol of Yin and Yang, where black and white exist in equilibrium and interdependence.

This sculpture emphasizes that opposites do not just coexist—they are essential to each other. Through her work, Elena Orekhova tells us that there is room for both light and shadow in life, and it is important to embrace the full spectrum of our existence. She invites us to accept and understand that thoughts can be diverse, including negative ones, and that we have every right to the full range of emotions.
The sculpture reminds us that we are not obligated to conform to the expectations of others: "I do not need to meet accepted norms. I am varied and multifaceted." We have the right to be ourselves, with all our qualities and shades of personality. And, if someone does not like it, it means their path lies in a different direction. "Black and white" is a call to accept oneself in all the diversity of essence and to remain true to oneself.