Elena Orekhova "Gold"

Size: 20 сm
Year: 2020

Elena Orekhova’s sculpture "Gold" is not just a creation made of noble metal; it embodies the uniqueness and authenticity of the human soul. Gold symbolizes the significance of each of us, reminding us that the most precious resource is ourselves—our individuality, our "self."
The artist emphasizes that our soul carries a unique imprint, a code that cannot be copied or replicated. There is no need to meet expectations or prove our worth—we are already deserving of the best from the moment of our birth on this earth.
"Gold" calls for us to abandon the pursuit of social approval and external luster and to recognize that all that is valuable is already within us. Each of us has our own gold, which cannot be materially appraised. This work is a reminder that the true value of a person lies in their essence, not in an external "golden" shell.