Arturo Berned "Head"

Size: 41.1 x 52 x 38 cm
Year: 2019
Geometric Shape

In this artwork, we observe the artist's endeavor to encapsulate the essence of masculine and feminine principles within the confines of strict geometry. However, drawing inspiration from ancient hetairai—educated courtesans known for their unrestricted, multifaceted natures—the creator imbues the figure with the ability to change colors.

This piece serves as an ode to feminine nature, with its rich palette of colors and shades. It embodies passion and life, which magnetically attract men, yet remain beyond their full comprehension.

The artist attempts to demonstrate the futility of confining masculine and feminine principles within a single form: the essence of womanhood invariably seeks freedom. The variability of colors symbolizes this very freedom, through which female nature reveals itself to the world, showcasing its uniqueness and irreplaceability.