Natalya Belaya "The Depth"

Size: 180 х 140 cm
Year: 2023
Material: Oil in canvas

"The Depth" is a work where the canvas becomes a space to explore the boundary between reality and the unknown. It depicts a leap, a transition from one state to another, which can simultaneously symbolize a descent into the abyss or an ascent into boundless space.

Within each of us lies our own potential, and it is only the jump into the unknown that helps to unlock it. As in this artwork, the dark abyss below may be frightening, yet it is precisely this that holds the possibility for growth and new discoveries. A series of bubbles rising upwards reminds us of life, of breathing, suggesting that even in the deepest darkness, there is room for light and hope.

In Natalya Belaya's painting, each viewer decides what is up and what is down. This choice reflects our own uncertainty in determining the start and end of a journey, in choosing between fall and flight.

Thus, "The Depth" is not just a visual image but an invitation to self-reflection, to an endless flight of thought and a dive into the deepest recesses of the soul. This canvas is where everyone can see a reflection of their inner world, their hopes and fears, their personal path to self-discovery.