Nuria Bonet "Connected"

Size: 92 x 73 cm
Year: 2018
Style: Oil on Canvas

Nuria Bonet's painting "Connections" prompts us to reflect on how often we lose ourselves in the informational noise of the modern world. We forget the taste of food because we are constantly on our phones, absorbed by news, social media, and endless update feeds.

The headphones in the painting are an invitation to pause, disconnect from the news stream, and ask ourselves questions that truly matter: Where am I right now? What is happening inside me? What are my thoughts whispering about?

This canvas calls us to put on headphones and listen to ourselves. It is a reminder that life is beautiful beyond the informational noise, that the true "self" is within us, and that important moments happen here and now, and they cannot be missed while processing the material of the external world.