Nuria Bonet "A Lot of Blue"

Size: 100 x 80 cm
Year: 2014
Style: Oil on Canvas

In Nuria Bonet's painting "A Lot of Blue," the sea becomes an embodiment of boundless freedom and the mysteries within its depths.

The painting echoes the themes of Luc Besson's film "The Big Blue," which explores not only the ocean's abyss but also the human spirit's depth. The protagonist of the film dedicates his life to diving into these depths, seeking peace and freedom.

Bonet's work suggests that we too have the choice of how deep we wish to dive. The sea symbolizes the personal choice of freedom to be oneself, in harmony with the surrounding world.

"A lot of Blue" is more than a painting; it's a journey to self-discovery through the lens of nature, a dialogue with oneself about personal limits and desires. This canvas is an invitation to freedom, to allow oneself to dive into the depths of consciousness and the world, where the true self can breathe freely.