Todomuta Studio

Todomuta Studio was established in 2011 under the artistic direction of Laura Molina and Sergio Herrera. The studio is characterised by its continuous formal and narrative research, committing to a tireless quest for new forms and approaches that orbit art, design and contemporary craft, exploring their frontiers. A discourse that is recognizable by its singularity but is devoid of static laws.

Since its inception, the studio has made a commitment to original work and self-production, creating timeless objects far removed from imitative market trends. This self-production is characterised by an infinite care for detail and experimentation, highlighting the traditional processes of artisanal production, conferring upon the latter a current perspective by making them coexist with the resources provided by new technologies; thus creating new connections in the field of ideas and the framework of production. The studio is always in direct contact with the artisan network, establishing a direct dialogue that enriches both collaborating artisans and the group of professionals that make up the collective.

The studio also has a passion for traditions, on which they base their ancestral aesthetic traits, such as the roar of primeval structures merged with a futuristic and sophisticated resemblance.

In recent years, the studio has worked to weave a network of connections with other disciplines that can help it nourish its growth. This same network of connections has brought on an interest from brands and professionals from the fields of architecture, fashion or interior design for the studio’s idiosyncrasy and its conscious sensitivity that art is the way. Probably the only way.

Todomuta Studio has consolidated its international presence at different fairs and events, such as:

2023“Maestros del futuro”. Sevilla.

2023 Madrid Design Festival.

2020 Expo Dubai 2020 ( Proyecto MENASA, Emirati Design Platform, donde se exploró proyectos de diseño contemporáneo y artesanía de los Emiratos Árabes Unidos)

2022 Collectible (Bruselas). Galeria; Illacions.

2022 México Design Fair 2022. Galeria; Casa Gutierrez Nájera.

2022 Solo Show Design Miami. Gallery All.

2021 Madrid Design Festival.

2021 México Design Fair. Casa Gutierrez Nájera

2021 Maco. Casa Gutierrez Nájera.

2020 Maco. Casa Gutierrez Nájera.

2020 Design Shangai. Gallery All.

2020 DNA Shenzhen.

2019 Design Miami. Gallery All.

2019 WIT Fair Guadalajara. México.

2019 “El Sueño de la Dinámica”. Madrid. Kike Keller Gallery.

2019 Miami Design. Gallery All.

2019 MACO. Feria de arte y diseño de México. Odabasian Rug Company.

2018 Miami Design. Cosentino City Miami.

2018 MACO. Feria de arte y diseño de México. Casa Gutierrez Nájera Gallery.

2018 Madrid Design Festival. “Recollectors” Space TO BE.

2017 Maco 2017. Galeria; Casa Gutierrez Nájera.

2016 SACO. Contemporary art fair. Seville.

2016 “Seville Ceramics; between tradition and innovation. Theory and practice”. University of Seville.

2016 Málaga Design Week. LAB Seville.

2016 “Arraigo” Exhibition. Vejer Fashion Week, Cádiz.

2015 “Diseño a Secas” Exhibition. Seville Museum of Contemporary Art.

2015/6 Desing and direction of execution of sculptural piece in aluminum for “The Museum of Europeаn History”. Client: Acciona Producciones y diseño S.A and European Parliament.

2015 New Crafts and Luxury Made in Spain. IED, European School of Design, Madrid.

2015 Crafts &Technology=Innovation. IED, European School of Design, Madrid.

2014 Fabroom Exhibition. ICAS, Seville Institute for the Arts.

2014 Berlin Fashion Week, in collaboration with fashion designer Leandro Cano and his Ánima Collection.

2014 Eather Design Master. MOVEX.