Lev Efimov

Lev Efimov was born in 1980 in Pskov. He graduated from the Faculty of Psychology at Pskov State Pedagogical University but never worked in his field. He began his creative path as a photographer and worked with famous magazines such as Vogue and weekly publications. He smoothly transitioned from photography to directing, shooting advertisements and music videos for domestic stars. However, he quickly realized that he had outgrown the photography and video industry and it was time to move on.

"When the pandemic began, I had time to think about my future creative path and I decided that I wanted to pursue sculpture," says Lev Efimov. "Sculptor's workshop is a mini-production. In my first sculptures, I used wood, but now I don't limit myself in the choice of materials".

Lev Efimov draws inspiration for his works from everywhere - from nature to the works of 3D artists. He creates futuristic abstract sculptures because he believes that abstractions truly stimulate the human imagination. While working, the sculptor always envisions how his works will look in an interior or exterior setting and how they will coexist with humans in a space. He enjoys working with different forms and does not limit himself to just one.

Currently, most of his acquired works are in projects by the best designers and architects in Russia, and some are even abroad. In 2023, one of the master's works appeared in Gorky Park in Moscow. His works are also presented in several galleries in Moscow.