Almudena Tapia

Almudena Tapia is a multidisciplinary artist. In her works, the medium is linked to the metaphor that the poetic image projects in our retina, constructing a narrative and aiming to impress the soul of the place through the viewer.

"I trust that through my work, I can capture the frequency/rhythm that each space or landscape harmonizes in an act of consciousness, encompassing everything contained within it: its people, buildings, vegetation... shaping and valuing our emotions and thoughts, creating that intangible heritage that surrounds us." - says Almudena.

Part of her works can be found at the Zapadores 21st Century Art Museum (Madrid) and in private collections.

After the "Holodomor" exhibition at ESPACIO RONDA in 2016, where Almudena showcased the events that took place in Ukraine between 1932 and 1933, she shifted her focus to the Spanish Civil War, specifically highlighting the mass graves that populate our country:

"San Pedro de Cardeña" at ALDA CON LIMÓN gallery in 2017.
"Flores de Valdenoceda" at LA NEOMUDEJAR in 2018.
"5 Elegies for Carpio" at SAN gallery in the new ZAPADORES museum in 2021.