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Abraham Lacalle

Abraham Lacalle, a prominent figure in contemporary Spanish painting, was born in 1962 in Almeria. He is celebrated for his ability to translate experiences and emotions onto canvas, finding extraordinary inspiration in the richness of color. It is color that gives his works their unique liveliness and depth.

Lacalle does not shy away from themes of wrecked cars and burning forests, infusing his paintings with a sense of drama. Thus, Lacalle's works might initially appear exaggerated, but this impression is merely superficial. The artist indeed amplifies reality, using this method as his way of processing life's situations, transforming bleak and contrasting black-and-white narratives into canvases filled with bright colors. To him, the world is a kaleidoscope whose beauty is indisputable and an essential part of our existence.

Lacalle encourages us to fill our lives with color, lest they remain monochrome. This is why his works radiate light, ease, and vibrancy; they are brimming with life.
Abraham Lacalle has adorned numerous exhibitions at prestigious national and international museums and galleries, showcasing his talent to a broad audience. His significant exhibitions include "Recent Paintings" at the Marlborough Gallery in New York and "The Awakening" among many others, illustrating his substantial contribution to contemporary art.

His works, filled with brightness and an erotic undertone, occupy honored places in renowned galleries and museums such as the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art (Seville), the Museum of Modern Art (Palma de Mallorca), the Santander Collection (Madrid), and the Queen Sofia National Museum Center for the Arts (Madrid), affirming Abraham Lacalle's exceptional talent and unique perspective on the world around us.
the artist's works