Eduardo Naranjo "The Stanton Child"

Size: 50,8 x 44 сm
Year: 1988
Style: Aquatint, pure acid and drypoint

In the series of thirteen etchings by Eduardo Naranjo, inspired by Federico García Lorca's "Poet in New York," the profound feelings of loneliness and alienation experienced by the poet in the vast metropolis are vividly depicted. The artist conveys the harshness and anonymity of the urban environment with its vices, reflecting Lorca's intense emotional state of emptiness and loss.

The etchings resonate as an echo of the gloomy atmosphere of New York, described by Lorca as soulless, highlighting the isolation and alienation of an individual in American society. The images are imbued with symbolism, elevating them from mere artistic reflections of Lorca's words to independent artworks exploring human psychology in the face of the industrial world.

Naranjo’s etchings also suggest a search for light amidst darkness, persuading us that despite external circumstances, the essence of a person and their inner world can be richer and more sincere. These works invite us to seek depth and significance within ourselves, regardless of the chaos and impersonality of the external world.